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Illinois Respite Coalition


Major Activities


•    The Illinois Respite Coalition (IRC) provides services to any family caregiver or provider in the state of Illinois needing information, resources and training relative to Lifespan Respite.
•    The IRC is dedicated to increasing public awareness of the importance of “Lifespan Respite” and advocates support for universal access to quality respite services for residents of the State of Illinois.
•    Established Emergency Respite Criteria to disburse Respite Funds to families in an unforeseen/unplanned circumstance through the Federal Lifespan Respite Grant.

For emergency respite services, visit the IRC website at www.illinoisrespite.org.

Start-Up Process

•   IRC In 1998, the Illinois Respite Coalition (IRC) started out as a grassroots organization with parents, respite providers and community leaders. Technical assistance was provided by ARCH.
•    In 2001, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) received federal funding to develop six demonstration grants and funded the IRC.
•    In 2008, new board members joined the coalition and Marklund stepped forward to serve as the fiscal agent.
•    The IRC has a Board of Directors that serves as leadership for the coalition and as advisors to the coalition’s paid Statewide Respite Coordinator.


•    The Statewide Respite Coordinator is the only paid staff position under the IRC’s direction.
•    The IL Lifespan Respite Program, administered by the Illinois Department on
Aging with a grant from the US Administration on Aging, has a Lifespan Respite
Program Director, Lifespan Respite Program Supervisor, and Lifespan Respite
Program Assistant who interact with the IRC to ensure that the work plan for the
Lifespan Respite grant in Illinois is carried out.


•    Federal Funding under the Lifespan Respite Care Act of 2006
•    State funding through the Department of Children and Family Services
•    Membership Dues
•    Donations


The organization depends on its membership for networking, referrals, advocacy and funding. The IRC offers members:
-    Respite referrals and resources
-    Quarterly E- newsletter
-    Listing on website
-    Advocacy support
-    Summit  discounts
-    FREE booth at the summit
-    FREE quarterly trainings
-    Lists members as EXPERTS in the field of Respite Care.


Contact information for the Illinois Respite  Coalition is:

Maryville Center for Children

4015 N. Oak Park Ave.

Chicago, Il 60634


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