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Marklund Benefits

Marklund offers health and dental insurance to all full-time (32 or more hours per week) employees after completing 30 days of continuous employment.  We also provide a life insurance policy at one time your annual salery at no cost to full-time employees after 30 days of continuous employment.

Time Off
After completing six months of continuous service, all full-time employees are eligible to accrue a specific number of PTO (paid time off) days per anniversary year.  These days can be used for vacation, illness, personal use or cash-in incentive.

Extended sick bank (ESB) provides protection against loss of income due to intermediate term illness, accident or maternity.

Marklund currently offers six paid holidays to all full-time employees each year.

Direct Deposit
Marklund will automatically deposit your payroll check into your bank account.  Most banks participate in this program.

Credit Unions
Marklund currently works with two credit unions: Illinois Health Care Associates and Corporate Family America.

Voluntary Benefits
Additional life, long-term disability or short-term disability insurance in addition to various other voluntary benefits, are available for employees to purchase at a reasonable rate.

Tuition Reimbursement
Marklund encourages employees to continue their education.  Tuition reimbursement is available for full-time employees upon hire.

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