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Respite Services

Respite care is planned or emergency care provided to a child or adult with a special need in order to give temporary relief to the family caregiver of that child or adult


The purpose of respite care is to provide temporary short-term relief for caregivers of individuals with special needs such as developmental and physical disabilities or other chronic illnesses that are related to health concerns, medical fragility, or for those at risk of abuse and neglect

It gives relief to families and caregivers from the extraordinary and intensive demands of providing ongoing care in the home.

It strengthens the ability of families and caregivers to continue to provide care in the home.

And, it supports family stability and well-being.

 Respite Care is Provided in various settings, including:

    The family’s home
    A relative’s home
    A community setting

When respite care is provided:    

    Can be regular or intermittent
    Must be planned
    Length of time varies – may be a few hours to up to several days

Why respite is important:

    Family caregivers are a valuable resource.
    Respite is cost effective.
    Respite can postpone out-of-home placement.
    Studies show that respite helps decrease abuse and neglect.

Overall benefits of respite:

    Improves family caregiver physical and emotional health
    Improves overall family well-being and stability
    Improves marriages, sibling and other family relationships
    Reduces hospital costs and helps avoid or delay more costly foster care, nursing home or other out-of-home placements
    Gives care recipient a break, too!




 Marklund has become a highly respected source for respite care, providing expertise and guidance for those who care for their loved one at home, and to ensure that families in our communities find quality, trained individuals to support and help them as needed. Having provided respite care services at the community level for several years, the organization made the decision to become a leader in this arena in 2007. Led by Lois Sheaffer-Kramer, Marklund’s Director of Government Relations and Community Support & REST Master Trainer, Marklund staff and board members joined the Illinois Respite Coalition (IRC), took on leadership roles, and worked together with ARCH, the national respite organization, to bring an awareness of the importance for respite services to the forefront at a national level.

The Lifespan Respite Care Act gave the Marklund the opportunity, as a not-for-profit organization, to partner with the Illinois Department on Aging (IDOA) and the IRC on a grant application, which resulted in Illinois being among the first 12 states awarded funding.

The IRC has provided respite training statewide through this grant, and again partnered with IDOA to create an emergency respite services plan to furnish emergency funding for respite services to families. In addition, Marklund has taken the lead and developed the REST Respite Education and Support Tools training program to provide respite training to individuals and groups nationwide.