The Stewart Family

becky-and-tyler“Tyler’s move to Marklund has been life changing for all of us. My son Tyler is a client at the Geneva campus. Diagnosed with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome (CdLS), Tyler previously could not walk without assistance. Today, less than a year after his move to Marklund, and at age 19, he is taking large, quick strides down the hallways on his own, much to our surprise. I am sure he is so proud of himself for his new walking trick. I know he loves that there is carpet everywhere and he feels more secure in his steps when walking. He must feel so very independent. I sense his independence as Tyler gets to make many of his own decisions at Marklund….when to go to bed, what toys to choose, etc.

Tyler had previously resided at another facility much farther from our home, and one of the biggest we noticed when Tyler moved was the sense of his living in a home. I think he really feels a sense of belonging. The staff members at his home at Marklund and in the developmental therapy classrooms are incredible. They fill Tyler’s needs on a daily basis, and the individualized care that he receives is outstanding.


The Perry Family

 Phyllis and JD2Our son moved into Marklund 2-1/2 years ago.  The memories of that day are so vividly painted in our minds, like it as just yesterday.  We had so many thoughts going through our minds that day and in the many days to come.  We thought of things such as: were we doing the right thing, how will they ever know what his needs are, will he feel like we have abandoned him as he has never been away from us overnight. For any one who has placed their child in a residential facility, these are all normal emotions that each and everyone of us go through.  The first few weeks are a learning curve for everyone.  Our family had to realize that our son would be ok and Marklund would have to discover how our son communicates and what his needs were.

We are so thankful that we found the path to Marklund.  Marklund is everything that we had hoped to find for JD.  Watching him  grow during the past 2-1/2 years has been unbelievable.  He is becoming more independent and experiencing such events in his life.  Our son is kept very busy with DT training, all of the different therapies and activities, participating in various outings and socialization activities.  We often laugh that he has a better social life than we do.  People often ask  us how we know that our son is happy.  The answer to this question is very simple in our minds.  When our son flashes his contagious smile at you, it reassures us that we have made the right decision.


The Sacksteder Family sackstader
“Marklund gave us peace of mind; they saved our lives. They provided us with a network of support that you don’t get when you’re home alone. And the high quality of care and medical attention is what allowed Christopher to live 31 quality years. You just can’t do this kind of thing at home. There was a comfort knowing he was cared for, and even more importantly, there was always love.