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REST (Respite Education and Support Tools) are originally written, evidence-based training courses, that will prepare individuals to become REST Trainers and REST Companions who support caregivers in their logo web

Today, more than 90 million individuals in the U.S. provide care for an elderly parent, a spouse with healthcare issues, or child with disabilities, sometimes without support, according to Caregiving Action Network. To ensure that caregivers feel confident stepping away, the REST program uses a standardized curriculum that is aligned with the National Respite Guidelines, developed by the ARCH (Access to Respite Care and Help) National Resource Center.

Training topics include:
confidentiality, understanding disabilities across the lifespan, planning and adapting activities and establishing a successful relationship with the caregiver and care recipient. Evidence supports the effectiveness of the REST program, with participants overwhelmingly responding that the training prepares them to feel confident in providing quality respite to families.

The REST Train-the-Trainer course is offered as a 2-day, 8-hours-per-day option; while the Companion course is a 1-day program. Trainings are offered around the country at a site selected by the course host.

Fast Facts:

* Launched in February 2013

*Trainers in 29 States and Canada to date
–617 REST Trainers
–7.250 REST Companions

*Networking with more than 9,000 individuals and organizations to mobilize REST across the country

*Training materials available in English and Spanish

*Core Competencies align with the National Respite Guidelines as developed by ARCH

*Training is customizable to an organization’s specific needs and goals

*2-day training program for Trainers

*8-hour, 4-hour & On-line training programs available for REST Companions

*Approved by Continuing Education Institute of IL for up to 13.5 CE hours


To learn more about the REST Train-the-Trainer course and the REST Companion course, contact Lois Sheaffer at 630-397-5655.