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Our Mission, Vision & Philosophy

Our Mission:

Southpaw and Mike

Marklund makes everyday life possible for individuals with profound disabilities.


Our Vision:

A happy, safe, purpose-filled life for every individual with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Our Philosophy of Care:

At Marklund it is our goal to help each individual rise above their limitations, reach their highest potential and live as full a life as possible.


Our Values & Beliefs:

Dignity: We respect each person’s individuality and encourage self-esteem.

Compassion:  We seek to understand, comfort, and then act in the best interests of each individual.

Accountability:  We expect every team member to assume ownership and take initiative when needed.

Community:  A vital part of everyday life is participating in, drawing support from and contributing to the community.

Teamwork:  Fulfillment of our mission is achieved through the commitment, communication and coordination of dedicated staff, volunteers, families, and supporting organizations.


Our Operating Principles:

Intelligent Loving Care:  We support individuals in reaching their greatest potential with a smart, compassionate, creative and encouraging philosophy.

Supported Independence: We ensure that each individual enjoys maximum freedom of movement, thought and expression.

Well-Run Facilities:  We strive to ensure our buildings are always clean and well-maintained, with up-to-date equipment, and that our residences feel like home.
Comprehensive Health Care:  We provide a broad spectrum of professional care, and seek additional support as necessary.

Financial Sustainability:  We operate to secure sufficient financial resources for today and future generations.