Marklund Day School: Helping students succeed academically "Making Progress Possible"

We are committed to providing high-quality individualized educational and vocational programming for students, ages 3 through 21, with mild to complex disabilities, including autism. We successfully transition students back to their home school district based upon academic,  social, behavioral, and medical progress.

Three Convenient Locations

Marklund Day School provides an environment conducive to learning through specialized curriculum, positive behavioral interventions, and individualized student support.

Marklund’s highly sensory-driven program features physical and occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, art and music therapy, sensory room, computer adapted technology, community opportunities, recreational therapy, and more.

Marklund Day School uses a holistic approach to enhance physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth. Teachers and therapists learn about students’ individual strengths through assessment, direct observation, and communication with families.

Ages 3-21
1:3 Student to Staff Ratio
6-10 Students Per Classroom

Provides a highly specialized education experience for students ages 3-21 with mild to severe disabilities, as well as students with behavioral and medical needs.

Provides a 1:3 student-staff ratio, with 6-10 students per classroom.

Maintains a focus on each student transitioning to the least-restrictive learning environment. If appropriate, we discuss transitioning students to their home school based on their academic, social, behavioral, and medical progress.

Offers an extended school year: Five-hour-a-day summer program allows students to learn year-round.

• Establishes relationships and partnerships throughout community, which provide ongoing opportunities for students to interact with the public and experience new activities.

Has a dedicated, caring and compassionate staff.

In addition, our Ann Haskins Center In Bloomingdale and Foglia Education Center in Geneva allow us to serve
students with autism spectrum disorder and other disabilities.

Serving Students ages 3-21 from Early Childhood to Transition

Serving students with mild to severe disabilities, including:
• Intellectual disabilities
• Developmental delay
• Autism
• Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
• Multiple disabilities
• Other health impairments

Serving students with behavioral needs and/or complex medical needs, including:
• Seizures
• Cerebral palsy
• Diabetes
• Temperature regulation issues
• Muscular dystrophy
• Acquired brain injury (ABI)
• Tracheostomy

Program Services Provided:
• Behavioral supports (BCBA & RBTs)
• Music therapy
• Recreational therapy

Related Services Provided:
• Social work
• Nursing care
• Occupational therapy
• Physical therapy
• Speech therapy

Our Mission… Our Promise…

Make progress possible for students with medical and behavioral challenges by fitting our environment, approach, instruction, and care to help them discover their special abilities and potential.

At Marklund Day School, we believe each student should be educated in the least restrictive environment possible. Throughout the school year, we work collaboratively with school districts and parents/guardians to ensure students make progress toward their goals. If appropriate, we discuss transitioning students to their home school, based upon their academic, social, behavioral, functional and medical progress.

For information, contact: Paula Bodzioch, Director of Education & Adult Services
Phone: 630-307-1882, ext. 3248