Marklund’s Bridge Builder Community Day Services (CDS) program is an Adult Services therapeutic learning and training program that assists individuals with developing new skills and enhancing personal interests and strengths as they pursue independent, fulfilling futures.
This unique program offers comprehensive clinical supports to help participants grow in areas such as communication, socially adaptive behaviors, functional living, and supported employment skills. It is specifically designed for adults with developmental, intellectual and/or physical disabilities over the age of 18.

Our goal is to empower individuals to achieve their highest personal potential. Individual Personal Plans are developed which include goals that are incorporated into their daily activities. During program hours, individuals work on refining social skills and self-awareness, as well as skills they need in everyday life, such as financial management and activities of daily living.

Marklund’s Bridge Builder CDS operates year-round, with programming from 9:30 a.m.-3 p.m., Monday-Friday. Marklund staff ensure that individuals receive well-rounded programming and experiences that afford them optimal growth opportunities.

Learning Environment: 

Individuals of Marklund’s Bridge Builder CDS are exposed to structured learning environments within the classroom as well as real-life, hands-on training experiences through community and adult service partners. Programming onsite will occur in either a classroom setting or within a mock apartment that includes a fully functional kitchen. Instruction across all settings varies per individual need and may include 1:1 training, small group, or large group instruction. In order to reach the ultimate goal of maximum independence, staff ratios are monitored and reduced as appropriate.

Programming & Staffing:  

Curriculum/programming includes:

Functional Activities of Daily Living, Pre-vocational and vocational skills training, Community/vocational integration, Communication development, Music therapy, Recreational therapy, Leisure activities, and more.

Program staff includes:
Developmental Instructors, Developmental Trainers, Registered Behavior Technicians. Staff nurses are onsite to address medical needs Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) determines maladaptive behavior reduction programming.


Marklund uses a wide variety of materials, lesson plans, and community-based opportunities that are adapted to fit the needs of each individual.

Clinical Model:

Marklund’s Bridge Builder CDS uses an interdisciplinary approach that helps individuals learn to manage everyday challenges through the implementation of Evidence-Based Practices (EBP), and assists individuals as they grow and  learn to manage everyday challenges.

Community Involvement:

One of our primary goals is to provide Marklund’s Bridge Builder CDS participants the opportunity to engage with the community. We believe that having a connection to local businesses and organizations is important for our participants as well as for the members of the community.

Ways in which Marklund’s Bridge Builder CDS participants engage in the community:

  • Practice Vocational Skills through volunteering at local businesses.
  • Develop Life Skills through weekly shopping outings.
  • Participate in a structured onsite cooking group.Increase physical health by utilizing fitness equipment at our local Community Center.

To qualify for this program, individuals must:

  • Have a diagnosed intellectual disability that significantly interferes with their ability to be gainfully employed in the community
  • Possess a state issued identity card and a valid social security card
  • Be legally able to work in the United States
  • Behave in a manner that does not endanger the safety of others or disrupt the program
  • Be independent enough that one-to-one staff assistance is not required
  • Be able to accept responsibility for program fees.

The Bridge Builder CDS program

will be located at

the Marklund Nathan Education Center,

1216 Hunter Drive,

Elgin, IL


For further information,
please contact:
Kimberly Kahl,
Director of Community Day Services,
at 224.523.7550
or kkahl@marklund.org.

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