Medical, therapeutic and habilitation services are provided to infants and children at our
Marklund Philip Center in Bloomingdale
Marklund Wasmond Center in Elgin.

Marklund’s residential facilities are cozy, loving yet professional environments where our residents thrive.

Marklund Philip Center:  Opened in 1957 by our founders, Claire and Stan Haverkampf, the Marklund Philip Center (MPC) in Bloomingdale is a licensed MC/DD (Medically Complex/Developmental Disabilities) Skilled Nursing Facility serving 21 residents (children and adults) with profound developmental disabilities.

This residential facility is operated 24-hours a day by caring, professional staff members (ratio is 1:5 staff to client). Marklund has a Medical Director who oversees all of the medical care and doctors’ orders, while the Director of Nursing manages day-to-day medical needs. Additionally, certified nursing assistants and personal support professionals assist with activities of daily living, while a Qualified Intellectual Disability Professional (QIDP) is on-staff for resident case management.

The resident rooms are situated in a pod-like environment that surrounds the nursing unit. Each three- to four-bed bedroom at MPC is outfitted with a TV/DVD player, individual dressers and places for personal items, as well as a hydrotherapy tub and state-of-the-art beds. Each resident’s individual section of the bedroom is decorated to suit his or her personal interests. This facility also features a Sensory Therapy Room, Developmental Training area, as well as an outdoor park specially equipped for our residents’ special needs. They take part in a number of therapeutic activities and outings on a regular basis.

Marklund Wasmond Center: This 61-bed MC/DD facility and adjacent Developmental Training Center are situated on 5 acres of land, located on Rt. 58 on the eastern edge of Elgin, Illinois. The residential portion of the facility is home to children and young adults, most of whom share rooms or suites with 1, 2 or 3 roommates. Rooms are painted and decorated to express the residents’ personal interests. Those in suites share a common bathing area which is situated in between the two adjoining rooms.  The building surrounds a beautiful outdoor courtyard, giving residents and staff a chance to enjoy the outdoors in a pleasant, safe environment right on site. Other amenities include a spacious activities/gathering area,  Sensory room, and hydrotherapy pool.

With a Medical Director on-call to meet the medical needs of the residents, the care team also includes licensed nurses and personal support professionals who are also on staff 24 hours a day. Our nursing team is specially trained to care for complex medical needs. A QIDP serving as case manager, and various therapists, support the resident care plans as well.

For information about our children’s services in Bloomingdale,
contact Gunjan Patel, Philip Center Administrator, at 630-397-5651.
For information about our children’s services in Elgin,
contact Michelle Orwig, Wasmond Center Administrator, at 224-523-7531.