The Marklund Community Integration program connects both residents and community clients with the community through volunteer and recreational opportunities.

 Our goal is to empower our residents and community clients
to achieve their highest personal potential.

Through the Community Integration program, we bring our residents and day clients to the community, and the community to us.

Our residents and clients, assisted by staff and volunteers, visit local food banks sorting, packaging and distributing food and non-perishables, go to local animal shelters to “socialize” and show love to the animals, act as greeters at grocery stores, and volunteer at several local churches to help with various jobs.

They are also involved in recreational activities in the community, such as attending sporting events, going to the movies and to live theater, seeing dance and musical performances, visiting pumpkin farms in the fall, holiday light shows in the winter, garden areas in the spring, splash parks and the zoo in the summer. They also collaborate with other like groups for meaningful outings.


For more information, contact Kayla Clifton, CDS Program Manager, Geneva, at 630-593-5477, or Thom Straza, CDS Program Manager, Elgin, at 224-523-7550.