At Marklund, we are striving to understand, teach and live the six key words for DE&I:

Diversity: Respect for and appreciation of the presence of differences and variety in all its form.

Equity: The quality of being fair and impartial, providing people what they need to succeed, recognizing everyone is different.

Inclusion: The state of being that ensures those who are “different” are welcome, appreciated, supported, valued, and respected, and they are provided with proper internal and external supports required so they can succeed.

Ally: an active and tangible process of working in solidarity with, standing up for and next to, others who are “different than you” to help advocate on behalf of underrepresented or marginalized individuals, or groups, or communities to help champion their causes, unique value propositions, and interests.

Microaggression: a statement, action, or incident that occurs everyday that are brief and commonplace and is a repeated intentional or unintentional verbal, nonverbal, and environmental insults.

Unconscious/Implicit Bias: Negative associations that people unknowingly hold which are expressed automatically, without awareness

Take a look at photos from the DE&I Committee’s World Map Day