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We all have lifelong dreams – places we want to go, things we want to accomplish, people we want to meet. For Darren, there was no greater dream than to watch the Chicago Bulls play at the United Center. There was never a question that basketball was going to be an integral part of Darren’s life. At seven, he crafted makeshift baskets and practiced in the backyard. As he got older, he would see the sun come up and go down on Chicago’s Washington Park courts. “It’s what he loved most,” Darren’s mother, Bridget recalls.

At 15, it was a jump shot that altered his life’s course. Violently landing, his head hitting the concrete, Darren’s injury ended his basketball career in the blink of an eye. Not expected to survive, his strong-willed and hardworking nature surprised his medical team – regaining movement before he even opened his eyes. The next several years brought hard fought steps forward…as well as some major setbacks. Through it all, Darren never stopped drawing inspiration from the Chicago Bulls. Watching games, surrounding himself with posters of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, and decked out in Bulls gear – the basketball player in him constantly pushed forward, never giving up.

Finding a home at Marklund, Darren found a place that embraced and encouraged him to push boundaries and regain his independence. With a dedication to making everyday life possible for each resident, Marklund knows how important it is to dream. Just this month, thanks to the support of people like YOU, Darren’s dream came true.  At the United Center, he was treated like a VIP as he watched his team play for the first time in person.  With the championship banners of the games he’d watched as a child hanging above, he cheered with the crowd and even saw his name in lights on the scoreboard. Darren’s trademark thumbs-up and smile was a constant throughout the evening.

These are the life-changing moments we strive for – what YOU make happen. Today, help us encourage each resident at Marklund to keep dreaming. With your help those dreams CAN be made possible!

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Thank you for making everyday life possible for the children and adults living and learning at Marklund.

If you need any assistance with the online gift form, please contact Taylor Egan, Annual Fund Manager, at (630)593.5482 or

What is the Marklund Annual Fund?

The Marklund Annual Fund supports the mission of making everyday life possible for individuals with profound disabilities. While Marklund depends on the dollars received from the State of Illinois, a significant financial gap remains to provide every infant, child, teen and adult with “The Marklund Standard of Care”.  That’s where YOU come in! Each contribution helps close the financial gap of approximately $20,268 per resident that is not covered by State of Illinois reimbursements.

Marklund appreciates you! Our organization is built on the support and dedication of all staff, friends and donors. Thank you for being part of the Marklund family!

How can YOU  help close the gap?

  • Make a one-time donation by completing the information below.
  • Sign up to make a monthly donation (CLICK HERE for more information on the Monthly Giving Program)
  • Close the gap for one Marklund client and donate $20,268

Giving Programs

Leadership Giving Circle: Become a member by contributing $1,000 or more in cumulative annual giving to Marklund.

Monthly Giving Program: Recurring monthly donors continue to make everyday life possible – Every. Day.  Become an Everyday Supporter by starting your monthly donation today.

The Marklund Always Society: Secure the future of Marklund now and always through meaningful estate and legacy gift opportunities.


  1. How do I make my gift?
    The quickest way is to make a gift securely online. If you are giving by mail, please be sure to write the check out to “Marklund” and mail to 1S450 Wyatt Drive, Geneva, IL, 60134.
  2. What is a Matching Gift?
    Corporate Matching Gifts are offered by some employers – you may be able to double or even triple your gift to Marklund! Contact your Human Resources office
    to see if your employer matches gifts.
  3. Will my gift be eligible for tax deduction?
    Yes. Official receipts of acknowledgement will be issued.
  4. What does my gift fund?
    Gifts to Marklund support the Marklund Annual Fund. These unrestricted dollars allow Marklund to meet the organization’s most current and/or urgent needs and are critical to maintaining the exceptional care and programs Marklund is able to provide each and every day. The annual short-fall is $20,268 per resident, per year – Marklund serves 178 residents annually.
  5. Can I designate my gift to a specific program at Marklund?
    You can designate your gift to a specific program or general operations at Marklund Philip Center in Bloomingdale, IL, Marklund Wasmond Center in Elgin, IL, or Marklund Hyde Center in Geneva, IL.
  6. How can you start your recurring monthly donation?
    Visit our Monthly Giving Page. We will automatically charge your card on the date you select – the 1st or the 15th of each month.
  7. What are the different ways to give to Marklund?
    Click here for more information Ways to Give.