Help keep Marklund a place where friendships grow strong!

The ability to speak to our family and friends is a simple privilege we take for granted, but for the residents at Marklund,
the ability to communicate verbally isn’t always possible.

Heather and Dawn have been best friends for over 30 years. Amazingly, they built this friendship without being able to speak a word to each other!  Although they couldn’t verbalize their thoughts, they quickly bonded and learned how to share their feelings with each other.  Heather and Dawn are inseparable, and while they may not be able to speak to each other the way you and I do, they have found a special way to communicate and become best friends at Marklund.
Friendships like Dawn and Heather’s are possible because of people like YOU!
P.S. This holiday season, your gift will be matched by long-time Marklund friends, the Biag family.  The Biags are dedicating a very special match, dollar-for-dollar – up to $10,000 – in memory of their beloved son DJ, for the loving care he received at Marklund for over 35 years.

Your gift will help us make everyday life possible for all of our residents, and that includes giving them a safe, happy place to make friends!