The Golden Paddle Drawing!

GOLDEN PADDLE  100 sold at $200 each 

Purchase one or more tickets and you are entered into a drawing to win THE Golden Paddle!

What is the Golden Paddle?
The winner of the Golden Paddle will have an instant $10,000 to bid on any live auction package! If the winner of the Golden Paddle is outbid on all of the live auction packages they bid on, they can redeem the Golden Paddle for $1,000 cash and the balance will be donated to Marklund in their name.

Once you have won a live auction package using the Golden Paddle, the paddle can no longer be used, regardless of the package selling price. (So use it for all it’s worth!) The drawing will take place right before the Live Auction, and the winner must be present to win. $200 per ticket – a maximum of 100 tickets will be sold!

Contact Jeannine Zupo at or call (630) 593-5445.