Bloomingdale and Geneva locations
The Life Skills Program at Marklund Day School
provides an enriching education experience for students ages 3-21
with autism and other disabilities, as well as behavioral and medical needs.
Marklund achieves this in a variety of ways

Comprehensive approach: Through a collaborative team of teachers, therapists, BCBA, parents/guardians, and school district representatives, Marklund focuses on building and developing academic, cognitive, communication, gross-motor and fine-motor skills.

Nursing staff: Marklund Day School can accommodate students with complex medical needs by integrating highly qualified nursing staff into the program.

Highly structured classrooms: Marklund Day School utilizes methodologies such as – PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System), and ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis).

Individualized curriculum: Students follow a complete and individualized curriculum tied to Illinois Learning Standards, Common Core Essential Elements and IEP (Individualized Education Plan) goals. Courses offered to our students are aligned to the general education course offerings. Functional life skills and vocational training are integrated into the students’ daily lessons.

Technology: Students have access to computers equipped with accessible switches and adapted programs; PROwise technology, individualized iPads with accessible communication apps, and modified programming

Sensory-integrated program: Each classroom incorporates a sensory diet for students with frequent movement breaks on a trampoline, platform swing, and squeeze machine. Marklund Day School also has sensory therapy rooms that offer sensory experiences and enhanced learning.

Community outings: As students participate in outings to the park, local stores and community service events, they have the opportunity to apply generalized skills and interact with individuals outside of the school setting.