Marklund is warning Fox Valley residents to beware of a scam that involves door-to-door solicitors requesting donations to cover the costs of repairs at its Geneva campus.

Recently people have reportedly been targeting North Aurora neighborhoods explaining they were representing the Geneva nonprofit organization in soliciting donations to help pay for repairs needed to the facility from damage caused by severe weather.

According to one resident who followed up with Marklund to check on the validity of the  solicitation, late Tuesday afternoon a short, bald-headed, older man (approximately 70ish) rang her doorbell even though she is on North Aurora’s ‘No Solicition’ list and had “No Soliciting” signs on her door. The man had no ID around his neck but only a clipboard with a listing of last names of people in the neighborhood.  

“He said he was from Marklund, asked me if I ever heard of Marklund,  and that he was asking for donations for weather damage to the building from this past winter.  I explained that I am not able to donate and he then said to me  “not even a dollar?  The cost of a simple cup of coffee?”  So with that response it kind of set me off and then I was a bit suspicious too.” She said she told him that he should not have even rang her doorbell in the first place because of being on the North Aurora “Do Not Solicit” list to which he replied that he left his list in his car and must have overlooked her name . He added emphatically that he did have a permit from North Aurora to solicit. The resident did not donate but found out later that a neighbor had.

The resident then informed the North Aurora police and Marklund.

“We are disappointed to hear the people are using Marklund’s name and good reputation for their own benefit,” said CEO Gil Fonger. “It’s unfortunate because people who do end up giving money to this person or these people believe it is going to help the children and adults with profound disabilities whom we serve—and of course, it’s not.”

For many years, Marklund has had a fundraising partnership with the Daily Herald in which Daily Herald employees sell newspaper subscriptions door-to-door, and Marklund receives a certain percentage. Those salespersons have proper identification as well as branded materials from Marklund to present to residents. Even within this program, persons who don’t want to buy subscriptions but wish to donate to Marklund are encouraged by the sales members to make their donations via Marklund’s own website and not through cash.

Anyone who experiences a solicitation attempt from anyone not involved with this Daily Herald program, should contact their local police department.

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