Become an Everyday Supporter by joining Marklund’s Monthly Giving Program!

As an Everyday Supporter, your contribution provides an ongoing, reliable source of funding that helps us fill the state funding gap of $15,290 per resident each year to ensure that our residents not only receive exceptional care, but have the opportunity to live life to the fullest.

When you enroll in our Monthly Giving Program, you will have the option to give at any level you choose.

By making yearlong monthly contributions of $83.34 or more, you will be recognized in the Leadership Giving Circle.

What your monthly donation can do:


Purchase an EZ Stander to
improve muscle alignment.
(Qualifies for Leadership Giving Circle)


Fund 10% of the
annual fundraising gap for one resident.
(Qualifies for Leadership Giving Circle)


10 groups of residents and community
clients can attend a baseball game. 
(Qualifies for Leadership Giving Circle)


Purchase an appliance
(washer or dryer) for
life skills training. 


Provide Netflix
for resident homes.

*Impact number is for a full year of everyday support.

Become an Everyday Supporter today and help make everyday life possible at Marklund!

For more information on monthly giving, or to adjust your current monthly donation, please contact Taylor Egan at 630.397.5482 or