The following article ran in the Chicago Tribune, March 13, 2015.

March 13, 2015, 10:53 AM

Before he began attending Marklund Day School in November 2013, Bart struggled just to get to school. “We practically had to drag him onto the school bus,” his mother, Anna, recalled. “But today Bart is excited to go to school. He has friends and likes his teachers. He looks forward to seeing the bus come.”.
“In fact, Bart loves school so much, he begs to come on the weekends and on holidays when there is no school,” said Angela Williams, his teacher.
Along with enjoying school, Bart has made big strides, Anna said. “His speech has improved – he is putting sentences together. His teachers have helped Bart learn coping skills, how to calm down and make transitions. He is learning how to deal with his emotions.”

Anna attributes Bart’s success to his teachers and other staff members of Marklund Day School. “They put so much effort and hard work into what they do,” Anna said. “They treat Bart – and each and every child at Marklund – as an individual. They have plenty of patience. They have helped Bart accomplish so much. They are so good at what they do.”
“Bart is such a joy to have at Marklund,” Williams said. “His sense of humor and tender nature bring out the joy in all of us.”

Anna envisions Bart only getting better, she said. “Marklund is the best thing that ever could have happened. I wish we could have more schools like it.”

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